Data Warehouse

We build data warehousing for our customers to achieve their Data to Intelligence objectives. Our solutions Include consulting on database design and set-up, cloud data migration, data modelling and architecting, data integration from multiple data sources, enterprise data management services, data governance and set up a roadmap to manage the data warehouse after project hand-off.

We can help reduce the response time and enhance the performance of queries for reports and analytics with our data warehousing consulting solutions. Get on a call to talk more!

Intellium Software offers easy access to complicated data and facilitates effective business analysis and business forecasting, resulting in effective decision making. Flexibility is key, which we offer to access data through queries.

Why Intellium?

We have vast knowledge and experience in data warehousing and our tailored data warehousing services ensures you stay updated in this fast-changing world of Big Data.

Data Modelling And Architecting

Data modelling and architecting is the foundation of an organization’s business process. At Intellium Software, we understand the importance of data modelling hence we take into consideration the data consolidation across the organization keeping data modelling and organization, security, metadata managements and application, query requirements, full technology implementation and planning a warehouse for optimum band utilization in mind. The various aspects of our multidimensional procedure cover:

✓Process architecture – This outlines the various stages of data processing and the raw data is transformed into information for users. Thus, enhancing the decision making.

✓Data Modelling – Since this is the most crucial stage in architecting the data warehouse, we consider the data models as progressive. We also recommend the data model to be stored in a repository. Thus, we can retrieve, edit and expand over time.

The technology architecture consists of the analysis done by us on the features of the BI solution such as scalability and flexibility. The drivers of this are the size, nature and requirement of the business. We use the process architecture, business rules, metadata management, tools specific needs and security considerations to derive the technical architecture. This step incorporates connectivity tools, network protocols, middleware, database management and related technologies.

In the information architecture, a step by step order of information translation from one form to another is done. This allows the entire cycle of storage, retrieval, modification and deletion of data within the data warehouse to be mapped.

✓Performance optimization is related to the software architecture from where the resources come. It helps in determining performance. We design solutions with the required resources to ensure that the workload is done on time and performance is optimized.



Benefits Of Leveraging Our Data Warehouse Services Include

Data Governance
We enforce business rules and policies to ensure maintained continuity.
Data Warehouse Migration Services
We create an enterprise data warehouse which centralizes your data through migration from another platform or data mart consolidation.
Enterprise Data Management Services
Cover data integration, validation, management and protection of data from its origin to its eventful discontinuation.
Data Integration Services
Using our data integration services benefits you by – lowering TCO and operational costs, improved data governance, SLA and manageability which leads to higher ROI.
Performance Services
We ensure your system is optimized through our performance and capacity analysis.
Managed Services
An optimum data warehouse environment is maintained by our experts by a daily monitoring of tasks through the utilization of field-tested data warehouse processes and specialized tools.

ETL & ELT Solutions

Majority of data warehousing development efforts is dedicated to implementation and design of the ETL (Extract Transform Load) process. Our team has vast expertise in data warehouse design and implementation process.
We understand that a poorly designed ETL process is very hard to maintain, update and change. We only suggest the right tools and technologies as it is critical to develop and maintain the ETL process.

Many of the data warehousing companies today follow the below solutions and approaches:

Engine-based ETL products
Exclusive RDBMS solutions
Third-generation ELT (Extract Load Transform) solutions, grounded on a code-generation approach leveraging RDBMS engines for data transformation.


Benefits Of Leveraging Our Data Warehousing Services Include

Intellium analyzes your business needs to drive the design of your data warehouse, including business intelligence framework, a solid data model, an efficient data integration architecture and smart database so that it’s ideal for business intelligence and analytics.

Intelligent Data Integration
High Performance
Improved Quality
Improved Quality, Efficiency, and Consistency
Quick Response Time
Analytical Insights and Historical Processing of Information
Strategic Decisions




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