Data Visualization

Two main scenarios that companies need to address today:

More than 90% of SMEs and enterprise scale companies today do not have a mature data visualization framework in place. The tools in place are scarcely used by the organizations. The main challenge they face is in setting up a robust, user friendly data visualization infrastructure. Intellium Software helps setup the entire data visualization pipeline from scratch.

Another key challenge is where the dashboards have to be embedded into different inhouse applications such as indigenously built financial/ CRM systems and commercial applications such as SAP Hana, Salesforce etc. We help visualize your dashboard in your preferred system.


Data visualization is a key part of any data analytics journey. Having a data visualization consultant on board lets you track goal achievement, spot trends at the earliest, identify crucial outliers and also allows for easy comparison of the performance of various brands, products and categories. Our tailored data visualization solutions solve a multitude of business challenges as our solutions are customized to the requirement of our clients.

Our Data Visualization Services

✓ Improve the existing data visualization solution by performing a health check. In doing this, we scan the existing setup and see if best practices are being followed and advise on potential areas of improvements.
✓ We also help develop data visualization solutions from scratch. To deploy an effective data visualization solution, we:

Clarify the client’s business requirements
Design a tailored conceptual solution
Suggest the ideal technology stack

However, our services are not limited to data visualization services. We offer full-cycle data analytics services to our clients, these include – data management, data warehousing (ETL & ELT), big data consulting, advanced data analytics (ML, DL etc) and more.

✓ It is well known that data visualization solutions are set and easy to use. Initial training is required to understand the features of the tools and how the client can extract maximum insights through it. We provide the training to the relevant stakeholder’s post deployment.
✓ We also provide on-going maintenance and support in order to ensure performance optimization, enhanced development of the existing system as well as to cover migration from an analytical system to another.

Data Visualization Testing

Data is the key force behind Decision-making. Data visualization encompasses design and analysis of the visual representation of data. Data visualization is important to understand the data visually through trends, dashboards, patterns, charts and more.

Intellium’s Data Visualization Testing Offerings

Our QA team validates the usability, consistency and accuracy of the visualization tools as its top priority. Our team suggests feedback on the type of report that can be displayed to help the end customer visualize the data better.

Key factors :


Data Visualization Challenges We Solve

Data from multiple sources can be fetched into a common data warehouse and then can be visualised in dashboard. Multiple sources can be databases, apis, data lakes etc.

The dashboards developed are not static and will be dynamic with the recent data. We can write schedules to update the replica databases from your production data and then visualize the most recent data in dashboards.

Data available for visualization is not usually in a pure form. It has to be transformed at times, cleaned at times before it goes to visualisation. Complex data cleaning and transformation can be done in tools such as python.

We believe data visualization is an essential part of the reporting process. Reports with lot of data and not much insight force users to dig through figures and identify trends. At Intellium, we believe that the dashboards on its own should provide insights, while the user can concentrate on making informed decisions.

It doesn’t make sense to have dashboards with plenty of visual elements and colors. Our data scientists create dashboards that are easy to understand with easy to understand design, relevant colors and consistent charts.

Our reports are tailored for respective roles. Our dashboards ensure the top management and development teams will be provided with respective dashboards based on user roles.

Our data visualization services ensure the dashboards are accessed across devices. Our reports help decision makers with drilled down and filtering options.

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