A new generation security intelligence and analytics platform
Virtual Advisor to Security Analysts (VASA) helps enterprises identify and analyze cybersecurity threats in real time, allowing organizations to take a proactive security posture in a fast changing threat landscape.
Hunt in Real-time
Identify and act on threats as they happen. Each new cyber attack is more sophisticated than the last leaving traditional security measures unable to spot the next threat.
VASA allows businesses to assemble the story as it unfolds by enriching data collected from across the business with contextual and behavioural insights.
Zero in Faster
Stop chasing false positives and zero in on credible threats. Today's threats force businesses to sift through millions of security events wasting time and money, increasing the chances of a credible threat slipping through the cracks.
VASA reduces false positives and elevates credible threats by learning from past actions taken in response to previous threats.
A Holistic View
Build a comprehensive view of your enterprise security. The average business has 40 security solutions leaving enterprises struggling to build a cohesive picture of their security landscape.
VASA provides threat hunters a 360 degree view of their enterprise security through a single pane of glass and gives them the ability to take action from a single place.

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