IBM Cognos Business Intelligence

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence


IBM Cognos Business Intelligence delivers the complete range of BI capabilities including query and reporting,  analysis, dashboarding, and scorecarding on a single, service-oriented  architecture (SOA), and it expands traditional BI with planning, scenario  modeling, real-time monitoring, collaboration, and predictive analytics that extend your BI capabilities in the following areas:

 Enhanced visualization

  • Full fidelity publish allows a user to publish and share content from IBM Cognos Insight to IBM Cognos Workspace (previously named IBM Business Insight) providing greater insight by incorporating personal analytics along side enterprise content.
  • The visualization coach in IBM Cognos Workspace provides automatic chart recommendation that analyses data and produces the most suitable display type helping users save time in determining the best visualization for any given data set.
  • Tabbed workspaces with global filtering in IBM Cognos Workspace allow users to gain greater context around information by getting a consistent view across a tabbed workspace.
  • Graduated capabilities in IBM Cognos Workspace can help increase user acceptance by providing just the right amount of functionality within the workspace.

Enhanced integration

  • IBM Cognos Workspace integration with IBM WebSphere Business Process Management expands the scope of information for decision making by enabling users to pass context from IBM Cognos Workspace to the WebSphere Business Process engine to allow human interaction for review purposes.
  • Support for IBM InfoSphere BigInsights provides access to massive amounts of data, including unstructured data with linear scale.

Enhanced deployment

IBM Business Intelligence workload pattern uses proven practices for deploying optimized BI environments using IBM PureApplication System to significantly lower total cost of ownership and reduce IT backlog by automatically deploying fault tolerant IBM Cognos Business Intelligence environments with elastic scaling.

Enhanced performance

  • Multipage report trickle feed for IBM Cognos Mobile reports (both native application and web application) provides faster time to insight as mobile users can now access and interact with each page as the report loads rather than wait for the entire report to download to the mobile device.
  • IBM Cognos Workspace provides a 30 percent increase in search performance ensuring users can search and find even more relevant results faster.
  • Dynamic Cubes provide low latency, high performance, in memory online analytical processing (OLAP) analytics over large volumes of data (greater than 1 TB) reducing data movement and computation, and improve responsiveness.


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