Sales Performance Management



IBM Cognos Sales Performance Management (SPM) delivers measurable improvements for organization’s finance, sales, human resources, and IT lines of business.

SPM automates the process of calculating and reporting variable-based pay, providing more visibility and accountability into one of their largest variable expenses.

With SPM solutions from IBM and Intellium expertise, you can enable new kinds of compensation plans that drive desired sales behavior, reduce commission cycle times, and eliminate errors in overpayments.

Incentıve Compensatıon Management

Automate varıable-based pay programs for enterprıse and mıdsıze organızatıons

IBM Cognos Incentive Compensation Management enables organizations to automate the process of administering, calculating, reporting and analyzing variable-based pay programs. It enhances incentive compensation management by increasing accuracy, reducing costs and improving visibility into sales performance and compensation plans.

Cognos Incentive Compensation Management provides a cloud solution to help you get up and running more quickly, which reduces the burden on IT teams.

What’s New

The Cognos Incentive Compensation Management V8.1 solution:

  • Brings a new premium offer to market for large organizations who have high data volumes, a vast number of payee populations, and numerous complex incentive compensation plans.
  • Makes integration between Cognos Incentive Compensation Management and Cognos TM1 possible, by providing
    companies with the ability to conduct sales planning, forecasts, reporting, and analytics from their incentive compensation data.
  • Provides numerous solution enhancements and features that help improve the users' interface and experience.

Cognos Incentive Compensation Management delivers:

An intuitive, easy-to-use interface

  • Use wizards, drag-and-drop features and visual elements to streamline administration.
  • Organize compensation plans, calculation rules, workflows, reports and adjustments using a graphical compensation-plan design.
  • Design and build well-formatted and branded personalized compensation statements for each sales role.
  • Use prebuilt plan components such as non-recoverable and recoverable draws and prior-period adjustments.
  • Choose resources from a robust library of compensation plans, processes, connectors and reporting templates.
  • Use extensive audit log and compliance resources for reviewing activity and changes in the system, helping meet compliance and regulatory requirements.
  • Improve the accuracy, auditability and visibility in compensation management.
  • Minimize calculation errors that lead to commission overpayments and payment disputes.
  • Reduce administrative time spent calculating commissions by configuring data imports, creating and scheduling calculation rules, and producing compensation statements that are processed within hours instead of days.
  • Organize regular business processes (daily, weekly, monthly and annually) using prebuilt process lists that provide step-by-step lists of activities and tasks.

Reports, dashboards, analytics and modeling

  • Highlight individual performance measures, key performance indicators (KPIs), graphs and charts on dashboards and reports for each sales person.
  • Build a flexible data model that can accommodate data from transactions, products, customers and more from virtually any source system.
  • Create compensation plans with the desired performance measures and plan logic for commissions, bonuses, management by objective (MBO) and non-cash rewards.
  • Automate the process of identifying exceptions and calculate commissions accordingly.
  • Eliminate the need to manually manage splits, reassignments and other exceptions.

High performance and scalability

  • Create multiple plans with reusable components.
  • Process thousands, millions or billions of transactions through a high-performing calculation engine in minutes or hours.
  • Enable hundreds or thousands of users to access the solution simultaneously as the solution automatically scales resources.

Terrıtory Management

Streamlıne assıgnments and alıgn sales terrıtorıes wıth corporate objectıves

IBM Cognos Territory Management enables you to set up and process territory assignments and sales crediting. It helps ensure that the sales coverage and deployment model are aligned with corporate objectives and incentive compensation plans.

Cognos Territory Management provides:

An ıntuıtıve, easy-to-use ınterface

  • Use wizards, drag-and-drop features and visual elements for sales operations management and compensation administration, minimizing the dependency on IT support.
  • Set up and maintain an unlimited number of hierarchies and levels such as sales structure, customers, products, territories, geographic locations and named accounts.
  • Make changes to territory and crediting assignment rules while tracking historical information.
  • Access preconfigured dashboards and reports to see recent and historical activities, territory and crediting assignment gaps and conflicts, and audit information.
  • Set effective dates for all configuration settings, so you can make changes while retaining previously-configured territory and crediting rules that have been processed.

Territory, crediting and transaction management

  • Configure territory rules that are executed in order of precedence using one or more attributes to evaluate and define territory definitions and territory assignments. Exception roles can also be created.
  • Set up crediting rules that are executed in order of precedence using one or more attributes to evaluate credit assignments. Exception roles can also be created.
  • Allocate millions of transactions in record time using a high-performance platform that includes monitoring and elastic computing to increase processing resources when workload increases.
  • Import reference and source data with no advanced extract, transform and load (ETL) processes required. Source data can be sales transactions or other sales activities such as sales opportunities.
  • Configure security privileges, by user and role, for system and data access.

Reports, dashboards and analytics

  • View territory and assignment rules that are over or underutilized or are causing transaction assignment discrepancies.
  • Use a standard dashboard to display events metrics, trends and how territories have been configured.
  • Use the sales crediting output as input to the compensation plan calculation engine. Sales crediting output can be fully integrated with IBM Cognos Incentive Compensation Management or provided as a data integration point to other systems.

Quota Management

Plan, manage and dıstrıbute quotas to drıve sales performance

IBM Cognos Quota Management enables sales professionals to more efficiently plan, manage and distribute quota assignments that meet revenue expectations and increase sales performance. This product enables organizations to model the financial impact of proposed quotas prior to rollout for cost management and budgeting; report on quota attainment and pay distribution to improve incentive plan effectiveness; and ensure alignment between sales professionals and corporate objectives.

Cognos Quota Management provides:

An intuitive, easy-to-use interface

  • Use wizards, drag-and-drop features and visual elements to streamline administration.
  • Set dates for each milestone of the quota planning process, increasing the profile of the time-sensitive nature of the planning cycle.
  • Set effective dates for all configuration settings, so you can make changes while retaining previously configured settings for quota distribution.
  • Use prebuilt templates to create unique templates for your quota planning and distribution process.
  • Use reports and dashboards to view processes, quota distribution and allocation, and more.

Flexible, collaborative workflow processes

  • Use a top-down, bottom-up or hybrid approach to quota planning and allocation.
  • Incorporate user participation into the quota planning, setting, review and approval processes so that quota values are distributed fairly, and everyone involved at all levels agree that the quotas are attainable.
  • Make changes to quota assignments as needed to help ensure continuous revenue growth, target achievement and sales motivation.
  • Configure security privileges, by user and role, for system and data access.
  • Use the existing hierarchies configured in IBM Cognos Territory Management or define new hierarchies.


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