Intellium provides a range of staff outsourcing services focused on delivering significant improvements in efficiency & quality, reducing cost, increasing labour flexibility and building a long term strategic advantage. Our objective is to establish a long term relationship with our clients to maximize the advantages mentioned above.


Intellium offer a comprehensive range of training services. All training is carried out by senior consultants who work closely with the organisation to cater for their specific needs. Excellent training is at the core of a successful implementation process. Employees trained by Intellium will be in the very best position to leverage the maximum benefit out of their new system.


At Intellium we pride ourselves on delivering the best possible solution to meet client expectations. All of our consultants are specialists in their field with a wealth of business and technical experience. We adopt a business-driven approach, which means we are able to focus on delivering maximum benefit from your investment.


Our advisory services help align your business strategy with technology to set you up for lasting success. We establish long term reference architecture to address strategic goals and transform organizational culture to highly analytical, quantitative decision making. At Ironside, you are not just working with a particular individual, but with the collective knowledge of all our consultants.

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Intellium is a professional services company established in 2009 and focused on Corporate Performance Management, Business Intelligence & Data Management and Analytics.

Intellium provides high-level, strategic consulting to organizations with a team of highly skilled professionals focused on helping customer maximize of their investments.

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